We use the art of WE-Power to activate meaningful, proactive wellbeing in education - from the individual to the system, and everything in between.

Wellbeing and resilience are not DIY.

Let's stop reinventing the wheel and searching in the dark for better ways. Connect with fellow education rockstars and science-backed resources through Well Ed, and together we'll elevate real-world wellbeing for everyone's benefit.
(including our own!)

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meets education

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THE PODCAST FOR celebrating and Supporting educators

Teacher fan club PODCAST

Teacher Fan Club is a wellbeing podcast and free resource focused on wellbeing and resilience topics, as well as gratitude-gushing for educators. Episodes are relevant to ALL members of a school community!



it's time to work smarter, together

Join the wellbeing revolution in education

Wellbeing in education is a global priority. Not only are learning and wellbeing inextricably linked, adult and student wellbeing are, too. Let's walk the talk together.

Every human deserves to work and learn in environments that enable thriving. Through Well Ed's community, we partner with and connect professionals who are doing similar work so we can all innovate, collaborate, and activate change and wellbeing together. 

This work and this world are complex - you're not alone in any of it!

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What people are saying

Lindsey stanway

a safe place to share ideas & collaborate with colleagues

Well Ed provided a safe place to share ideas and collaborate with my colleagues. It gave me reminders and ideas to take care of my personal wellness, but also provided many ideas and lessons to share with my students.

jill mitchell


As the Wellness lead, I was able to see firsthand the impact Well Ed made with staff. I am so excited to continue to work together to impact staff and student wellness in our schools.

Jennifer w.

A community of personal & professional practice

Well Ed provided me with a community of personal and professional practice that allowed me to learn from others' experiences, reflect on my own, and be held accountable to the work of wellness in my life and in my teaching.

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