💫  Well Ed is a wellbeing ecosystem and Community of Practice building a one-stop-shop of science-backed resources, connection and Q&A with guest experts, mentorship, and ongoing learning and growth opportunities to help shift from what's wrong to what's possible. If you work in or with school communities, value wellbeing, and would benefit from an uplifting circle of support, Well Ed's one-of-a-kind community is for you! 💫

Does This Sound familiar?

wellbeing in education seems like a pipe dream

no time to vet or create effective approaches to staff, student, or system wellbeing and positive mental health

ready to create positive change that actually sticks

It's not! Ditch the isolation, overwhelm, and naysayers. Join a crew of hope-mongers committed to taking action.

You're not alone! Take this off your already full plate and let's all stop reinventing the wheel.

Let's focus on effective pathways to create meaningful change and lasting impact for yourself, others, and  the system.

The Well Ed community

Despite that gremlin in your mind, you ARE doing enough! You do a LOT to support others in your life and work. We'd love to help take the pressure off where we can. You Matter. Your Wellbeing Matters.

Access to wellbeing expertise and resources can be costly. You'll have year-round access to peers, experts, learning + done-for-you tools for less than a conference registration or workshop series.

We've done our homework so you don't have to. No more wasting time on rabbit-hole searches for quality wellbeing resources. Find what you need whenever you need it, with 24/7 access. 

As former educators and forever wellbeing advocates, we've lived the education system from the inside. The Well Ed Community is the uplifting hub we wish we would've had across all of our roles - classroom teacher, system specialist in mental health, wellbeing champion, researcher, instructor, and community supporter.


we've been there.

What people are saying

will directly affect the wellbeing of the school community (teachers, students and their families)

Well Ed provides a platform where educators can collaborate and share resources that will directly affect the wellbeing of the school community (teachers, students and their families). 

Janelle Yasinski
School Counsellor

I enjoyed the ability to share lesson ideas and discuss how they went with other educators

Well Ed provided a safe place to share ideas and collaborate with my colleagues. It gave me reminders and ideas to take care of my personal wellness, but also provided many ideas and lessons to share with my students. I enjoyed the ability to share lesson ideas and discuss how they went with other educators. Well Ed has great potential to impact many teachers and students on their wellness journeys.

Lindsey Stanway 
Grade 6 Teacher

allowed me to take a small amount of time each day to intentionally reflect on my wellbeing

Well Ed provided me with a community of personal and professional practice that allowed me to learn from others' experiences, reflect on my own, and be held accountable to the work of wellness in my life and in my teaching. Having reminders and prompts allowed me to take a small amount of time each day to intentionally reflect on my wellbeing and many of them were ones I could repurpose for use in my classroom.

Jennifer W.
Assistant Principal + Teacher

I was able to see firsthand the impact Well Ed made with staff. 

We launched this in the busiest time of year for teachers and the number of personal stories shared about how the Mission of the Week helped staff navigate the difficulty of the end of the year were numerous! One example was a Kindergarten teacher sharing how "Real Time Resilience" reminded her that she has successfully navigated 16 Junes in the past! Instead of letting the wheels fall off, she used evidence of past success and sat down to make a to-do list rather than let her mind continue to spiral ... there were numerous other stories like this for staff!
As the Wellness lead, I was able to see firsthand the impact Well Ed made with staff.

jill mitchell, wellness lead + teacher

Stay Ahead of the Curve: Access the latest research and impactful strategies from the science of wellbeing - always be on the cutting edge.

Your Support Network: No more isolation. Connect with a passionate community dedicated to reshaping + prioritizing wellbeing in education.

Tailored Tools Just for You: Dive into a curated collection of resources and experiences, crafted for you to use and adapt.


Supporting wellbeing + positive mental health can feel daunting

Join forces with peers to tackle challenges and innovate the future of wellbeing in education.

Collaborate & Transform

YOU are an expert. Your voice matters.
Add Value - Feel Valued - and Be YOU.

Well Ed's Community covers all 4 whole-school pathways to infusing positive mental health and wellbeing


the details

A vibrant wellbeing community that gets it

live collab calls + speaker series

Expert-designed resource library

Connect with others doing similar work, and find mentors, collaborators, friends, and allies in the process.

Monthly drop-in collaboration and connection calls, expert speaker series, Q&As, and more. 

Science-backed and ready to adapt. Customize our done-for-you wellbeing resources to meet your unique context.


live it

teach + lead IT

embed it

Flexible, high-quality professional learning
(live + self-paced)

Note: "IT" = wellbeing skills, behaviours, mindsets, and thriving environments

Engaging experiences + support to help practice what we promote

Practical resources for classroom, colleague, and system wellbeing

Strategies and clubs dedicated to creating sustainable change

Well Ed is always evolving, driven by your needs. What's included at this time is the result of pilots and feedback from professionals just like you. Have a wellbeing priority we're not yet addressing? Do tell!

convenient access any time on desktop or mobile app

Well Ed fosters meaningful connections, collaborations, and quality learning experiences that transcend geographic location. After sign-up, you'll download the Mighty Networks app where our Well Ed community currently lives.


  • RSVP and add events directly into your calendar for convenience.
  • Search members by role and location to connect and collaborate with ease.
  • Customize your experience - YOU are in control of your notifications, your feed, how often you want to receive nudges or reminders, etc. - NOT the algorithm!
  • And more! 

designed to embed wellbeing in eD


Is this just for educators?


Anyone who works in or with school communities and who cares about wellbeing is welcome here. We believe magic happens when passionate and collaborative people get into the same room (even if it's virtual!). 

If you believe a supportive community dedicated to wellbeing in education would benefit you personally and/or professionally - please join us!

Have a question we haven't answered? Please send it our way: connect@well-ed.com.


IS funding available?

Since Well Ed's content, approaches, offerings, and impact are rooted in the latest research and application of positive psychology, wellbeing science, and effective Communities of Practice - and since wellbeing is in service of learning and the goals of education - fees for Well Ed's offerings should be eligible for professional learning funding. 

We recommend contacting your leadership, professional association, organization, or district to advocate for full or partial funding. Feel free to use our About Page and the *coming soon* Why Wellbeing in Education Matters doc in our Library to help communicate the value and impact for schools.

We are always exploring funding opportunities on our end to help offset fees on yours.

AKA, is this just another thing on my to-do list?!


How much time is required?

This is a flexible space. As teachers and system leaders ourselves, we've lived the school life and want to make your life EASIER not harder!

That's why Well Ed offers bite-sized, high-impact resources with convenience, enabling you to weave wellbeing and new ideas into your jam-packed, unpredictable days. You are in the driver's seat, deciding when and how you engage, designing your personalized feed, and controlling notifications through email + the app. Your digital wellbeing matters to us, too; the app is there for convenience - but you set the controls, not the algorithm. 


What if i don't find it useful?

Part of joining Well Ed (anytime, and especially as a founding member) means we will work with you until it IS useful. That said, we also provide easy, guilt-free cancellation!

Well Ed's current offerings are the result of pilots and consultations with people just like you. We listen to what you need and take action.

As educators and wellbeing champions, we have often felt isolated and overwhelmed doing this work. Well Ed is intended to relieve that pressure, and support YOUR wellbeing in the process.


do I need to join events live?

No - live events (aside from coaching sessions or by request)will be recorded so you can catch the replay. Don't worry if your schedule doesn't always align with calls - you won't miss a beat!

We know how unpredictable your days can be. That's why we also create asynchronous opportunities, so you can engage at your own pace, at times that work for you.

You can also add events you'd like to attend directly into your calendar for reminders along the way!


is this for my own wellbeing or just for school or student wellbeing?

It's both/and ... all of it, always!

Research suggests when adults feel good and function optimally, so do the kids in our lives. That said, your wellbeing matters in and of itself - not just for the benefit of student wellbeing or your work!

Well Ed isn't either/or. It's both/and. Offerings and content are designed through the lens that wellbeing is interconnected, and every level generates ripple effects that impact others.

We cover staff wellbeing, student wellbeing, whole-school and system wellbeing, and evolve content with your feedback.


What type of support can i expect to access inside the community?

Everything in Well Ed is a choose-your-own adventure, with flexible options that consider your professional role, interests, time, needs. Examples: 
  • Monthly wellbeing practices
  • Drop-in collab calls 
  • Speaker Series - check out our podcast for examples of the types of speakers we invite
  • Q&As with real-time access to a range of relevant experts: mental health professionals and clinical therapists, wellbeing science / positive psych practitioners, researchers, education professionals, health promotion specialists, etc. - by your request!
  • Practical resource library added to regularly (also by your request)
  • Clubs related to your work
  • Find and give support, anytime
  • And more ...

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world;
indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.

Margaret Mead