Building systems of wellbeing in our lives and learning places + work places enables thriving-mode instead of survival-mode.

Real Talk. There's no one-size-fits-all approach or magic quick-fix.
But the work is worth it.

you know wellbeing would help, but you're not sure where to start or how to make change stick

individual support

1:1 mentorship & coaching

Currently 1:1 Mentorship and Coaching opportunities are offered with Well Ed's Founder, Dana Fulwiler Volk. 

This might be right for you if: 
  • You prefer private vs group support
  • You're responsible for wellbeing in your school or district and want a thought partner / teammate
  • You're ready for a change in your own wellbeing


What people are saying

Sarah balla
teacher + wellness lead

Dana is in touch with the realities for educators and walked me from a place of overwhelm into a renewed sense of energy and hope through small shifts that felt approachable. I felt seen and supported. Working with Dana connected me to a world of wellbeing resources, and empowered me to deepen my connection with myself. I can walk forward from a place of groundedness and clarity.

renewed sense of energy and hope

jill mitchelL
teacher + wellness lead

your work will be forever impacted

Dana's wellbeing knowledge and passion are contagious and every time I get to spend with her I always leave energized with powerful questions to consider and practical ideas I can implement immediately. She is incredibly generous with her time and expertise! If you are lucky enough to cross paths with Dana, your work will be forever impacted! Her knowledge around making positive wellbeing change is only matched by her passion in this area!

Natalie Corrigan

i felt a huge shift in my mindset

Dana has a warm, calming and authentic presence, that shines through in all of her sessions. She is highly professional and extremely knowledgeable in her field. It is clear that she is very passionate about wanting to support and help others, by providing practical and accessible tools to promote positive mental wellbeing. I felt a huge shift in my mindset, in a time when I really needed it. I'm so grateful to Dana for sharing her wisdom. I couldn't recommend her services enough!

system support

well ed 360

Well Ed 360 is our Signature System Offer that tailors an approach and a package of offerings based on the needs of your school or district. 

Typically, the package will include whole-school or whole-system professional learning, appreciate inquiry workshops or summits, and/or ongoing group and team mentorship. 

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What people are saying

Jason Young

accommodated our needs and always went above and beyond

Dana is incredibly knowledgeable, flexible, and outgoing, so working with her was always a joyful experience. She accommodated our needs and always went above and beyond. Dana's influence has helped guide a major priority area in our school division's strategic plan as well as supporting schools in creating outcomes with attainable targets. She inspired staff with ideas for making schools a better place to teach and learn. She shared her expertise in ways that made it practical for staff to understand, and flexible to add to the direction the school division was heading. 

Dana worked with not only staff, but also students to consider leadership through a positive psychology lens, which students indicated was very motivating for them. We would highly recommend any school division to bring Dana in, and we would gladly work with her again.

Krista Reynolds
ASST. Superintendent

Kelly Achtymichuk
educator + Wellbeing lead

Caused a ripple effect from staff to students

Dana's impact caused a ripple effect from staff to students. The sessions were enlightening for staff in all aspects of wellbeing ... this led to conversations and new connections amongst colleagues which then in turn, allowed staff to support students. In surprising places, Dana's teaching would appear in our school. This could be in a staff room chat, meetings where teachers discussed how they would implement some of the strategies they learned from Dana in their classrooms, to students expressing their gratitude for the ways their teachers were able to support them when they were finding online learning difficult. We even had a couple of students create a wellbeing support group within our school because of the way they felt after attending a session led by a teacher who led a session on Dana's topics. 

Brian Andjelic
Former Superintendent + Director of Leadership Learning, Wellness

practical + backed by science and research

Dana and her work have had very positive impacts within various departments in our organization and with me personally. Dana's in-depth knowledge, relevancy, and current background have played an important role in professional learning. She is perceived as caring, knowledgeable, and energetic. 

She is also very creative, timely, and meticulous, which is complemented by a tremendous work ethic. She has worked with us to raise the level awareness of the broad and deep nature of wellness. She is also directly working with us to implement helpful and practical positive psychology topics related to personal and workplace wellbeing that are backed by science and research.

Wellbeing is in service of learning, growth, human development, and just MORE FUN and ENJOYMENT!

Seriously though, research suggests that investing in wellbeing can turbo-charge learning outcomes, resilience outcomes, and overall school environments. It won't fix all of the woes in this system, but it's within our immediate control and can create ripple effect benefits.

... learned more from a few hours with Dana than I have in years of University! She is able to explain different practices around wellbeing in a way that is simple, practical and impactful. 

Jill mitchell
educator + Wellness lead

client gratitude

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